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Emerald Residence: More than just a residential building

Emerald Residence is a newly built complex, both created with an exclusive, boutique hotel and including a wide range of services to fulfil its future inhabitants’ needs. Besides its unique downtown location, flat owners can also take advantage of the hotel services, such as 24-hour reception, breakfast from the hotel, cleaning service, laundry and valet parking. On the ground and first floors, retail business spaces will also be created, which will echo the atmospheres of the nearby Váci street and Fashion street.

As the subject of the reconstruction, the building used to serve as the home of the Downtown Telephone Exchange Center, which was built in the 1970s, on the grounds of the former Servite monastery that once belonged to St. Anne’s Church. One of the important basic concepts of the investment is to revive the historical relationship between the buildings with architectural solutions, through the glass wall on the facade overlooking Szervita Square. The primary concern during the design was the maintenance of the square’s built-up density, by using lasting and harmonious architectural solutions in its construction. This approach respects the priority of the church, draws inspiration from its historical heritage and, with the glass wall between the two buildings, it symbolizes the link between the old and the new, the past and the future. With the completion of the building, even the environment of the church will be renewed, and the best news is that the complex will be open for pedestrians both from the directions of Szervita Square and Városház Street thanks to its inner passage, thus making it possible to take a walk around St. Anne’s Church.

Emerald Residence is a unique investment of its kind, considering both its location and construction quality. It creates an exclusive and niche category in the Hungarian capital’s (and especially the city center’s) real estate market, which is able to satisfy even the highest expectations of the most sophisticated audience. With its architecture, materials and services, it creates its own special category, which is called “Landmark” residential development in technical literature.

Outstanding interior architects such as Zoltán Varró and Csilla Sáfrány, interior designers, were invited to create interior spaces. During the design process, they have sought to create an ideal and comfortable home for flat owners, preferring both conservative and extravagant tastes. Besides, the flats envisioned by the designers are reflective of the unmistakable and individual stylistic features of the designers themselves.

Leading architects:
Alfréd Peschka, Bertalan Nemes and Tamás Csernik (Óbuda Építész Stúdió)

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