Luxurious dream homes in the 5th district's Szervita Tér

Rooms: 1 - 5
Size: 30 - 150 sqm

Available apartments


Style and elegance or practical size? The occupants of Emerald Residence do not have to make any compromises. The beauty of quality defines all the living spaces here.


1 bedroom

Where luxury occupies every single room, your apartment turns into the empire of peace. Wake up every day where the whole city is centred on your own home.


2 bedrooms

Unconditional devotees of maximalism also expect every function to have its own space. And we did everything to make their wish come true.


3 bedrooms

Precision is not only embodied in mature style. It begins on the drawing table and accompanies the whole process so that, as a result, every space in a home is able to be both practical and full of life.


4 bedrooms

Our range of penthouse homes was inspired by the latest contemporary architectural solutions. Featuring spacious rooms, they are characterized by sophisticatedly crafted design.


* The pictures are only for illustration purposes. The visual plans do not feature the standard facilities of the properties. All rights for changes are reserved.


Emerald Residence sales

Visit us – make an appointment with our sales experts and let us help with our personal advice to find the right apartment for you.


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